Spider Killer

Most people young or old are scared of spiders. Spiders create cobwebs in your home and also eat the food that is lying around in the ground. You can train yourself to be an effective Spider Killer and remove your home from these unwanted pests. If you do not have time in hand you can invest in the services of an efficient pest control service company and get rid of these spiders fast. Otherwise you can follow the instructions given below.

1.    When you move into a new home, the first thing that you would need to do is apply weather stripping on the windows and doors. This weather stripping prevents spiders from entering your home.

2.    Your home and its doors should not have any gaps in them. Fill up the gaps in the doors and cracks in the window sills. This would prevent them from entering your home.

Spider Killer3.    An effective tip to make you a great Spider Killer is to add caulk around areas where you store water pipes. Sometimes spiders can crawl into the water pipes and then enter your home.

4.    Keep your home and its surroundings clean. Do not stack papers or cardboard boxes in your store rooms or in your back garden. These make ideal habitat for spiders to live in.

5.    Regularly invest some time to clean your back garden and do not keep thrash in your back garden.

6.    Vacuum clean your home thoroughly once in two weeks. There are various corners in a home which are left unattended like the attic room. These are the places where you need to clean. Once these areas are clean they would be eradicated.

7.    You can spray insecticide fogger and this would prevent spiders from entering your home.

8.    Use specific pest sprays which have been developed to kill spiders and spray them outside the house. This would prevent them from entering your home and creating unnecessary hassle.

9.    Do not throw foods on the floor as this attracts spiders. Also do not eat and walk as this leads to food crumbs falling on the floor. Store unused food in clean air tight containers and keep them in a clean cabinet.

10.    When you are using lights in your garden, use white tube lights. Do not use the traditional yellow lights as they attract insects into your home.

11.    Keep the sanitation in your home and around it clean. If you have pets do not let them litter in the back garden and this might attract spiders from nearby locations.

12.    Identify where they stay and remove their habitat from the roots.

13.    You can become a good spider killer if you do regular pest control in and around your home, once in every 3 months.

14.    Spiders are active in the summer and monsoon season; therefore do your home pest controls before you face their wrath.

15.    Check if you have any new spider eggs in your home or in your back garden. If you find a few ones immediately destroy them from the source.

16.    Spiders can be poisonous and non poisonous too. Study the different varieties and be prepared to combat them when you face one. Your daily home spider is a home pest but a black widow is a dangerous one.

17.    Keep simple first aid kits in your home like an antiseptic cream or lotion. If your child or family member gets suddenly bitten by a spider, you can do the first aid and then take them to a healthcare center where further treatment can be done.

18.    If you have young babies in your home, take special precautions and recheck the area where their baby foods and clothes are kept. Your baby would be in deep trouble if he gets bitten or licked by a spider. His body would immediately be covered with rashes as his skin is very sensitive. These rashes would take time to heal.

19.    Never underestimate a spider; you might have eradicated them now. If you do not monitor their existence on a daily basis, they would be back to torment you.


How to choose the best spider killer for keeping your home free of spiders?

Often the first reaction on seeing a spider is to try and smash it with something heavy. However, this method may not always be successful because sometimes the spider may just run away or get injured and crawl away. On the other hand there is a variety of spider killer available in the market which will prove effective in keeping your home free of spiders. The first thing that you need to do when launching an all out attack on spiders is to get some kind of bug bomb. However, there are many companies selling different brands of spider killers in the market and you need to conduct research before you buy one.

Spider Killer

Make sure it kills spiders

Make sure that the spider killer you buy does not just repel spiders and actually kills them. In fact it is a good idea to go for a spray that kills other bugs along with spiders keeping your home bug free. The first step to getting rid of these eight legged creatures is to bug bomb your house. Some brands even provide a guarantee that they remain effective long after the initial bombing. In fact some brands remain active for up to some months after this. These are preferable as they will keep your home free of spiders for a long time.

Pheromone traps

Most home improvement stores sell pheromone traps and this is the second step in getting rid of spiders from your home. You should buy some pheromone traps and place them in dark places under beds or behind furniture where spiders may be hiding. These traps are small cardboard boxes which have open ends that has a scent which is attractive to spiders but is undetectable to human beings. The spiders get attracted to the boxes get inside and get stuck in the box and die there. Many people have tried this with mild success.

What to do with the occasional spider

Once you have bug bombed your home, chances are that it will remain spider free for a long time. However, there still may be some stray spiders lurking here and there. Obviously you cannot bug bomb your home every time you see a spider, and in this case it is a good idea to spray the spider with a strong cleaning product like a shower cleaner. On the other hand you can also make your own bleach or ammonia solution in a squirt bottle. This is a great way to ensure the destruction of the spider without having to handle it in any way.

Other methods

Another great way is to suck up the spiders with the wand of your vacuum cleaner. The spider will most likely die in the bag with all the dust and other particles, but be careful while changing the vacuum bag. This is a great method for small no offensive spiders and also for getting rid of the carcasses after you have bug bombed or ammonia sprayed your home.


Spiderkiller – Kill the Unwanted guests in your home

You can see these crawling with frightening look all over your houses tarnishing your property and your valuables. Even in corners you see their eggs where they are all ready to attack on your house with their offspring’s. So, this entire picture is not only scary but also frightening and dangerous. If you get a single spider bite you are bound to get infectious skin disease. And to make you cautious spider bite pains a lot too. To get rid of these spiders, you can either use spider killers or apider repellents or follow some basic ideas to get rid of them.

Spider Killer

When do they come??

In order to eliminate spiders from your house you must track the season and trend of their homecoming. Mostly spiders come out in cold in your houses where they feel warm and cozy. And in warm weather they come to your houses to enjoy your AC. So, in short spider is a regular guest in your time be it any time and any weather.

Spider control methods

We have always heard that prevention is better than cure. So, let’s discuss some of the most common spider control methods that will not need any spider killer-

Some basic points-

• You need to switch off your porch lights. Porch lights attract bugs and moths which may also bring spiders along with.

• Cracks and nooks are the most common entry points of spiders. Thus, you need to get rid of them first.

• Make a homemade spider repellent. All you need is a regular table salt, water and a spray bottle. Dissolve the salt in water and spray on bushes, shrubs and other places.

• Use a mixture of essentials oils like – lavender, citronella, cinnamon, citrus, peppermint or tea tree oil. Only a single drop of this mixture will work as a sure shot remedy for spiders.

Some advanced points-

Below are some of the effective products which will help you to get rid of the eight legged monsters–

• Spider repellents – it is meant for sue in both outdoors and indoors. If you want to target outside area like lawns, basement etc. then you can easily buy insect repellents from any regular shops. But if you want to use for indoor purpose then you must take caution because there is poison in insect repellents and you will surely not want your child or family to get affected.

• Aerosol Sprays – these are targeted for spider webs specifically. You can use them in the corners of your building or inside garbage bins etc.

• Web eliminators – web eliminators can be sued in contact with paints, metals, bricks and other surfaces. It can be sued in different locations like schools, malls, offices, homes etc. it is the form of “Ready to Use”.

Point to remember –

While spraying spider repellents just remember that you should not spray only in areas where you have seen spiders before. Spray in water logged areas too.